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Service for Uncompromising Use

TOUGH­BOOKs are extre­mely tough. But the world they are deployed in is harsh and surpri­ses with incal­cul­able chal­len­ges – with situa­tions where you can rely on our support.

The PWA Elec­tro­nic Service Center in Seli­gen­stadt finds a solu­tion for every problem – fast, effi­ci­ent and cost-effec­tive. In that sense, a Pana­so­nic TOUGHBOOK is more than just a power­ful, rugged note­book: it’s your one-stop, full-service compu­ting solution.

Panasonic’s 48-hour Commitment

Down­time costs money. Pana­so­nic there­fore makes every effort to repair every TOUGHBOOK in only 48 hours after rece­ipt*. Inclu­ding ship­ping time from pickup to re-deli­very 96 hours* should not be excee­ded. We from PWA have also commit­ted oursel­ves to this objective.

(* except Satur­days, Sundays and public holidays)

In addi­tion, you can expect flexi­ble reac­tions from us through short decision-making proces­ses in a small organization.

Comprehensive Basic Warranty from Panasonic

TOUGH­BOOKs do their job in condi­ti­ons where other note­books have long since given up. For secu­rity, you get a 3‑year basic warranty on hard­ware defects that occur despite proper use. It also inclu­des the access­ories of the origi­nal package for 3 years and Pana­so­nic peri­pherals for 1 year. Every TOUGHBOOK custo­mer has access to our free collec­tion and re-deli­very service for Germany.

For more information about the warranty options, see the following PDF files:

PWA Services

Panasonic Computer Service Germany

Was bedeu­tet das für Sie als TOUGHBOOK Nutzer in Deutsch­land und Österreich

  • We follow the same stan­dards as the Pana­so­nic factory.
  • You will report a problem on +49 (0) 6182 / 7877–119, on working days (Mo — Fr) 9:00 – 17:00. We take care of the solution!
  • In many cases you’ll get a quick and direct answer. Compe­tent staff and short access routes. We will call you back!!
  • New equip­ment, demo items, access­ories, service and support or spare parts are avail­able from a single source.
  • Your Pana­so­nic compu­ter is broken? We will send a courier service to you; ever­y­where in Germany or Austria. No trans­port pack­a­ging avail­able? If necessary, the courier also carries a box. Free of charge in case of warranty for you.
  • We will send you a detailed cost esti­mate as soon as possi­ble for a reim­bur­se­ment of 37.50 euros net.
  • Problems with drivers or your opera­ting system? For a flat rate of a single working hour (á 75,00 Euro net) we will set your compu­ter back to the deli­very state. Indi­vi­dual driver CDs are avail­able for a flat rate of 49,00 Euro net plus freight!
  • Spare parts are avail­able – not only for the warranty case – directly at the wareh­ouse in Seli­gen­stadt. You can also get a single fitting screw or a cover flap for your TOUGHBOOK.