Mobile power supply solutions

LIND power supply unit


Founded in 1984, Lind has become a leading provider of rugged mobile power solutions to industries including military, public safety, emergency services, utilities, automotive and warehouse logistics.

Safe power supply

Lind's broad portfolio of mobile power solutions includes rugged DC/DC adapters (standard, isolated and MIL standard), AC/DC and DC/DC combo adapters, shut down timers and battery chargers.
Sascha Pfannmüller, managing director

Powerful solutions for demanding environments

Whether it’s a standard or custom mobile power solution, you can be confident that Lind products are designed and manufactured to industry-leading standards. The products have a failure rate of 0.02%.

LIND power supply unit

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Jens Rhein / PWA Electronic

Jens Rhein

Managing Director

Sascha Pfannmüller / PWA Electronic

Sascha Pfannmüller

Managing Director