Now Boarding: easyJet relies on the Panasonic FZ-F1

With easyJet, one of Europe’s leading low cost carriers uses the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-F1 for scanning tickets and for the boarding of Passagiere at Geneva airport. The rugged handhelds have proven to be a powerful alternative to stationary airport equipment.

The new mobile solu­tion makes pre-flight boar­ding faster and more effi­ci­ent, even if the gate needs to be chan­ged at short notice. So delays can be preven­ted. Due to the success of the new system, easy­Jet is consi­de­ring intro­du­cing the new system to other airports in Europe as well.

The search for a suitable solution

In addi­tion to redu­cing costs, we also wanted to improve the flexi­bi­lity of our pre-flight process,” said Graham Cott­rell, busi­ness analyst Opera­ti­ons Systems at easy­Jet. “With a mobile solu­tion, easy­Jet employees can now more easily respond to short-term gate chan­ges. For example, temporary pre-flight boar­ding areas can be crea­ted to mini­mize poten­tial delays.”

easyJet pre-boarding and boarding with the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-F1

An in-house team of easy­Jet deve­lo­ped its own appli­ca­tion that runs on Pana­so­nic Tough­pad FZ-F1 hand­held devices. When sear­ching for suita­ble mobile devices, all leading provi­ders were previously tested.

Popular with the customer service agents

Our inte­rest in the Pana­so­nic device was first and fore­most the inte­gra­ted barcode scan­ner,” says Cott­rell. “We star­ted a field test with diffe­rent devices and our agents were really enthu­si­astic about the Pana­so­nic device. Thanks to the ergo­no­mi­c­ally angled barcode scan­ner, you can scan much faster and also they appre­ciate the size and clarity of the screen. Thanks to the sophisti­ca­ted design, the device is very easy to use. Our agents can now easily hold the device over the paper or smart­phone with the ergo­no­mi­c­ally inte­gra­ted barcode scan­ner to scan the boar­ding pass without twis­ting their arm. That sounds trivial at first, but scan­ning hund­reds of pass­ports every day is a big diffe­rence in terms of speed and comfort for our agents.”

In addi­tion to the 55 Pana­so­nic hand­helds the airline also uses a specially desi­gned stand for the devices. The service agents have both hands free thanks to this clever add-on.