100 Years of Panasonic

Panasonic celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Panasonic Corporation by Konosuke Matsushita.

Since its foun­ding in 1918, Pana­so­nic has dedi­ca­ted itself to impro­ving people’s lives. This claim is still reflec­ted in the company’s vision of “A Better Life, A Better World”. From the first connec­tor in 1918, to the electric irons of the 1920s, to the first washing machi­nes, tele­vi­si­ons, and refri­gera­tors in the 1950s, Panasonic’s inno­va­tive products and solu­ti­ons have always addres­sed people’s needs.

The brand history of Pana­so­nic Tough­book goes back more than 30 years to 1987, when Pana­so­nic began produ­cing porta­ble PCs. Following the launch of its first rugged Pana­so­nic Tough­book CF-25 note­book in 1996, the company built its own rugged equip­ment factory in Kobe, Japan. For 20 years, Pana­so­nic has led the Euro­pean markets for rugged laptops and tablets. Pana­so­nic sold more than its entire compe­ti­tor in the market last year with its two brands, Tough­book and Tough­pad, in Europe. Mean­while, the focus also extends to hand­held devices. Almost a third of the product range is now tailo­red to this market.

Two deca­des ago, mobile compu­ting was very much focu­sed on what IT can do for office envi­ron­ment mana­gers,” said Kevin Jones, Mana­ging Direc­tor of Pana­so­nic Mobile Solu­ti­ons Busi­ness in Europe. “Pana­so­nic took a diffe­rent perspec­tive. Our idea was to design and build mobile compu­ters that help field workers in their often harsh work envi­ron­ments while impro­ving produc­ti­vity through dura­ble and perfor­mance-orien­ted devices. The Tough­book brand was born! ”

Some Highlights in Panasonic’s 100-year History

Pana­so­nic was foun­ded in 1918 by Kono­suke Matsus­hita. This year, Pana­so­nic intro­du­ced its first inno­va­tion, the impro­ved connec­tor. From that day on, the company intro­du­ced a series of new products:

Pana­so­nic intro­du­ces its first house­hold appli­ance, an electric iron.
Pana­so­nic hair­dry­ers have been popu­lar around the world since the company’s first model was launched.
Pana­so­nic intro­du­ces its first television.
Pana­so­nic laun­ches its first window air condi­tio­ner on the market.
Pana­so­nic laun­ches its first product of the Tech­nics brand.
Pana­so­nic combi­nes a convec­tion oven with a micro­wave oven.
Pana­so­nic intro­du­ces its first consu­mer video camera with porta­ble recorder.
Pana­so­nic intro­du­ces the first rugged Tough­book CF-25 notebook.
The Lumix G is the world’s first digi­tal mirror­less system camera – an inven­tion that has funda­ment­ally chan­ged photography.
Pana­so­nic brings voice control for enter­tain­ment systems in the car.
We at PWA Electronic congratulate our partner Panasonic and wish you continued success and exciting innovations – for the next 100 years!