Extent and Duration of Warranty

TOUGH­BOOKs do their job in condi­ti­ons where other note­books have long since given up. For secu­rity, you get a 3‑year basic warranty on hard­ware defects that occur despite proper use. It also inclu­des the access­ories of the origi­nal package for 3 years (see below) and Pana­so­nic peri­pherals for 1 year. Every TOUGHBOOK custo­mer is enti­t­led to our free collec­tion and re-deli­very service for Germany and Austria.

Equip­ment What is covered? Warranty Period
Origi­nal packaging All inclu­ded in the origi­nal pack­a­ging, exclu­ding batteries 3 years (TOUGHBOOK notebooks)
Exter­nal housing and components AC adap­ters, inter­nal drives, exter­nal enclo­sure, connec­tors, ports, stan­dard keyboard, touch­pad and mouse buttons, anten­nas and covers 3 years
Consum­a­bles Battery, LCD protec­tion film, touch pen 6 months
Soft­ware Physi­cal media (CD) 60 days
Access­ories Warranty Period
Car char­gers 1 year
Battery char­gers 1 year
Port repli­ca­tors 1 year
Docking stati­ons 1 year
Addi­tio­nal power supplies 1 year
Addi­tio­nal media expan­sion slots 1 year
Memory modu­les 1 year
Note­book bags 1 year
Consum­a­bles Warranty Period
Addi­tio­nal batteries 6 months
Addi­tio­nal touch­screen pens 6 months
LCD protec­tion films 6 months
Hand­les 6 months