Information on crisis management

Dear busi­ness partners,

We also take the current situa­tion around the corona virus in our company very seriously.

Our common task now is to slow down the spread as much as possi­ble, to protect the vulnerable in our society and to support the health system.

Your and our health is our top prio­rity! Even if the prevai­ling situa­tion is diffi­cult, we have a respon­si­bi­lity towards our custo­mers, part­ners and employees. We have already taken all the necessary measu­res to main­tain busi­ness operations.

Above all, it is important to mini­mize the risk of infec­tion within the company and in dealing with our part­ners. We there­fore switch to digi­tal meetings where­ver possi­ble to avoid unne­cessary risks. Our employees now have the oppor­tu­nity to make their working hours more flexi­ble, as well as to work in their home office if possi­ble. Due to the intro­duc­tion of shift opera­tion for the indi­vi­dual teams and the consis­tent obser­vance of the mini­mum distance by pulling the work­pla­ces apart, the risk of infec­tion is also minimized.

Employees retur­ning from high-risk areas are sent to home quaran­tine for 14 days. A gene­ral ban on visi­t­ing was deci­ded. Exter­nal visi­tors are there­fore only served after prior tele­phone consul­ta­tion of their visit.

We do our best to conti­nue normal busi­ness opera­ti­ons despite the excep­tio­nal location.

Take care of yourself and ever­yone else and stay healthy!

Your PWA