Non-Contact Measuring

The Nextsense Calipri range is the next generation of non-contact dimensional and profilometer optical encoders. The swiveling measuring devices work with high precision and detect even the smallest deviations reliably and user-independently.

Non-contact measurement with Nextsense and the FZ-G1

With the help of lasers and an inno­va­tive tech­no­logy that corrects tilting and twis­ting of the measu­ring device, Cali­pri mana­ges to output the most important measu­red quan­ti­ties to the sensor within seconds and auto­ma­ti­cally compare them with the indi­vi­dual limit values. The calcu­la­ted actual and target contours are shown in color on the display of the Tough­pad FZ-G1 .

Individual solutions through a multitude of measuring modules

The measu­ring devices of the Cali­pri series adapt to the given requi­re­ments in all situations.

Non-contact measurement with Nextsense and the FZ-G1
Non-contact measurement with Nextsense and the FZ-G1

At the steel mill, Nextsense’s simple, porta­ble measu­ring tools are used for strand measu­re­ment. Where previously simple measu­re­ments with wood rods that were burned away were on the agenda, nowa­days the non-contact and modern measu­re­ment with Cali­pri repla­ces the outda­ted, less precise method. By contrast, the new method can deli­ver high-precision and repro­du­ci­ble results, even before the strands are cooled, inde­pendently of the user, which enab­les the early detec­tion of errors and quality assurance.

In car manu­fac­tu­ring, where aesthe­tics and precision play a major role, Cali­pri is also used. Cars with prac­ti­cally invi­si­ble gaps, which seem to be unified, are made possi­ble by the gauges, which detect even the smal­lest devia­ti­ons. Thanks to the intui­tive swivel move­ment, even complex contours and diffi­cult-to-see columns can be measu­red real.

For the rail­way indus­try, the Cali­pri module “wheel profile” in combi­na­tion with the Tough­pad offers user-inde­pen­dent testing of rails and wheel profiles, as well as reli­able docu­men­ta­tion of the measu­re­ment results. Thus, even under adverse condi­ti­ons such as strong sunlight or wind and weather, the essen­tial flange dimen­si­ons, but also wheel width, hollow and rolling over can be deter­mi­ned by conta­ct­less measurement.

Optimal supplement to the Nextsense systems:
The Panasonic FZ-G1

Next­sense Cali­pri meters are expo­sed to a wide range of envi­ron­men­tal extre­mes, some of them extreme. That’s why Next­sense systems use the Pana­so­nic Tough­pad FZ-G1.

Non-contact measurement with Nextsense and the FZ-G1
Non-contact measurement with Nextsense and the FZ-G1

This not only works reli­ably in very deman­ding, dusty envi­ron­ments, but also provi­des the necessary high-perfor­mance compu­ting for real-time analy­sis. Custo­mers value the low default rates and good support provi­ded by the stable part­ners­hip with PWA.

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